As your wellbeing is our number one priority, a comprehensive and personalised aftercare package will be offered.
After you are discharged from our hospital (if a stay was declared necessary), you will be given your post-operative care instructions and you will have 24-hour access to trained staff who will be on hand to advise you, should you have any questions or concerns.
After the surgery, we will arrange appointments for follow-up examinations with your surgeon to monitor your progress and check that you are recovering well. Before your departure your surgeon will see you one more time, and our specialized and trained staff will see you and check your wounds. We will be at your disposal until you are fully recovered. These follow ups are standard and will be provided at no extra cost.
In the unlikely event of a problem, we will make arrangements for you to be seen by our trained staff and (if needed), by the surgeon who performed the procedure. As all our surgeons live and work in the local area, it is possible to see your surgeon at relatively short notice. After your departure we remain at your disposal and for service via email, phone or skype meeting.