Our MISSION in Euromedica General Hospital of Rhodes is to provide Secondary Healthcare services to the community. However, our Mission mainly communicates the Ethos of our services. It informs every aspect of our organization, our corporate policies and procedures, how we serve our patients and how we interact with our staff and partners in services.

In Euromedica General Hospital of Rhodes, we recognize that everything we do is mission and each and every one of us, no matter our role, is “on mission” and works hard towards the achievement of that goal.

Our VISION in Euromedica General Hospital of Rhodes is to be recognized as a unit providing High Quality Secondary Healthcare services. High Quality for us means:

  • High level medical, healthcare, technology and administrative staff
  • Innovation in Secondary Healthcare services
  • Incorporation of new Technology
  • Wide variety of services

Our vision is to excel, and be recognized, as a continuing source of healing and hope to the people and the community we serve.

Our Board of Directors and Staff of General Hospital of Dodecanese COMMIT towards the achievement of the following goals:

  • Work in strict compliance with the frame of function, the regulations as well as the principles of the organization and function standards of the Hospital
  • Continuous improvement and assessment of patients’ satisfaction
  • Usage of new technologies in order to improve Customer Service
  • Continuous staff training in order to provide patients a still more efficient quality of care
  • Constant effort in order to improve services through new, innovative methods

In order to achieve our goals, to implement and constantly improve the efficiency of the chosen Quality System, the Management team of our Hospital provides all necessary resources.

Our Core Values

  • We are caring, progressive, and use a positive attitude to succeed
  • We take pride in our achievements and actively seek new ways and methods of doing things better
  • We constantly value integrity, credibility and respect for the individual
  • We aim to grow our business while maintaining sustainable levels of profitability, providing a basis for stakeholder loyalty
  • We build constructive relationships to achieve positive outcomes