At the Euromedica General Clinic, the management as well as the medical, nursing and administrative staff are committed to delivering quality healthcare services, paying unwavering attention to the clinical treatment and safety of the patients entrusting their healthcare to it.

Top-level quality constitutes a strategic priority for the entire company. Through its patient-centered philosophy, the company aims at creating a Total Quality Management System which ensures that its private hospitals:

  • Constitute the first choice for patients and associate physicians because they offer unrivalled, quality healthcare services Are recognized as two of the leading institutions in the area of private healthcare
  • Comply with the national and EU legislation
  • Offer healthcare services noted for being financially just, safe, effective and suitable
  • Focus equally on treatment, prevention and early diagnosis

The company follows the guidelines laid down by the Quality Management System and fully complies with the ISO 9001:2008 standards. The quality policies and procedures have been integrated in the everyday operation of the company. Moreover, they are fully understood and are being implemented in all company levels. All of the Group’s activities are well documented and are safeguarded by repeated, measurable and fixed procedures. Special attention is paid to the constant improvement of the procedures by:

  • Managing the procedure reviews
  • Managing technological changes
  • Identifying and resolving issues on time

The management as well as the medical, nursing, auxiliary and administrative staff actively participate in the effective management of the Group’s Quality System and are responsible for implementing it within their departments, as well as for monitoring and achieving the company’s quality objectives.

Euromedica General Clinic of Dodecanese is in the process of being certified by Temos for international patients within the hospital and for the post-treatment and discharge procedures.