What is Hemodialysis?

Hemodialysis is a method for removing waste products such as creatinine and urea, as well as excess fluid from the blood when the kidneys are in failure. Kidneys are some of the most important organs in the human body. They function like filters, removing unwanted chemicals and other substances. Furthermore, they control water, mineral and acid/alkali balance, and are responsible for the production of important hormones. There are many factors that can cause kidney problems, including diabetes, hypertension, kidney stones, chronic kidney infections, genetic diseases, and certain medications and chemicals.

Our department

The Artificial Kidney Unit operates at modern premises suitably adapted to cater for treating patients with chronic kidney failure.  The top priority of the Unit is to provide treatment of the highest standard.
The unit is equipped with the latest generation of Baxter (Gambro) Artis Physio devices; through specially designed operations they can provide tailored, top quality Haemodialysis services (HD, on-lineHDF), while at the same time monitoring basic patient parameters (e.g., Hemoscan, arterial/venal pressure) and storing treatment data on the patient’s individual treatment card.
The high specification haemodialysis is supplemented by top quality consumables for optimal durability during treatment and manufactured using materials that are both patient- and environment-friendly.
We are offering a range of state-of-the art haemodialysis filters made by Baxter(Gambro), which meet specific requirements for various types of treatments and individual patient needs.
The water quality at our Unit is safeguarded through a modern network of reverse osmosis; in combination with the special filters to clean the devices used and the thorough checks and monitoring of the system, this ensures that the water used for solution production is super clean.
The use of special (citric) solutions ensures high-quality, bio-compatible haemodialysis, which contributes to patients’ well-being, following the haemodialysis session.
During the haemodialysis session patients are continuously monitored by the medical and nursing personnel of the Artificial Kidney Unit, as well as through the specialized systems of the devices used and any issue that might emerge is immediately resolved.
At the same time, special care is taken to secure hygienic conditions of the highest level, to ensure patients’ treatment is completely safe:

  • Non-chemical sterilisation of all devices used after each treatment session
  • Regular checking of Unit devices using a specialized Maintenance Department

This is how the best possible treatment is achieved, meeting patients' haemodialysis needs, improving their quality of life and minimising any potential treatment complications.

Your vacation in Rhodes when you need Hemodialysis.

Advanced planning for a vacation and getting in contact with us before your vacation is necessary when you are on dialysis and it is recommended that dialysis patients talk with their doctor prior to traveling. In addition, the patient needs to check their insurance to determine if treatment will be covered while traveling.
For any information you, your insurance or doctor may need, please contact us under:
We will be pleased to support you in preparation of your visit to Rhodes and make the needed arrangements and reservation.

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