The Euromedica General Clinic of the Dodecanese region has a fully equipped Intensive Care Unit (ICU), holding a license for six beds and a logistic infrastructure which allows the support of two additional beds. As well as diagnostic and support methods found in all units of the clinic, such as respiratory support with invasive and non-invasive methods and hemodynamic measurements with right cardiac catheterization, the Euromedica ICU also offers other more specialized methods of treatment such as non-invasive mechanical ventilation, interim transit and / or transdermal pacemaker, transcutaneous tracheostomies and emergency and selective tracheotomy (Minitrack), as well as CRRT. Urgent plasmapheresis has been successfully performed at the clinic as well (see here).
Additionally, there is continuous support from the Microbiology and Radiology Laboratory (Radiology, Ultrasonic, Axial and Magnetic Tomography) as well as all the standard medical specialities. In the Clinic’s Intensive Care Unit, patients are treated with severe pathological, surgical or cardiological health problems. Examples include patients who underwent surgical procedures with an increased probability of postoperative problems, but who are in a stable condition, elderly patients, elderly people, patients in need of frequent specialized respiratory care, patients with possible or certain arrhythmias, patients requiring increased care mainly respiratory (e.g. tracheostomy) as well as any other patients hospitalized and judged as needing close monitoring and specialist care.

Our unit operates on a 24/7 standby basis in order to deal effectively with urgent conditions.
Tel: +30 22410 45000 / 45205
Visiting Hours:
12:30 – 13:00 | 18:30 - 19:00
Visiting Instructions
Since 1/6/2012, the Scientific Director of the ICU is Mr. Athanasios Fikouras, the Anesthesiologist-Intensive Physician.

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