Demographic development

Societies in Europe are growing old and in countries like for example Germany, England or Poland, people aged over 60 years of age could soon represent the majority of the population. The consequences of the ageing societies are noticeable and affect many areas of society like the employment market and the economy or services of general interest. As such the travel industry is increasingly affected by this development and the need for services in the destinations is demanded

Geriatric – part of our strategy and vision

The vision of Euromedica is future orientated strategy development based on the development of the incoming markets to Rhodes and Greece, as a touristic destination. In extensive workshops, and with the support of tourism specialists, insurance associations as well the involvement of doctors from different specializations building part of the multi alignments of the Geriatic discipline, the first steps to develop geriatric services have been made.
Our vision is to contribute to this with a range of medical services for the island’s development as a destination with excellent services and facilities for elderly clients, and to be a preferred island for clients that are interested in preventive programs, as well as visitors that need specialized services with international care standards.
Anybody interested in cooperation or development of this field is welcome to contact us and share their ideas, experiences or simply direct their question to us under
We will update the section of our clinic according to the progress and development of our innovative development.